Outline of Y. Planning


Yosemite Planning, owned and managed by Ms Ayuko Terada, has been newly
started April 1, 2015 as a house of business specialized in Planning and Editing
including suggestions/productions of promotional strategies/tools. The office is
located near Mt. Fuji/Hakone/Izu in Eastern-Shizuoka -100km far from Tokyo.


Yosemite Planning offers three projects: 1. Suggestions of a most effective
promotional strategy to add values to companies, products and services.
2. Producing a most effective promotional tools including brochures/websites.
3. Producing a most effective English/other languages' brochures/websites.


Ayuko Terada, representing Yosemite Planning, was born 1954 in Nishinomiya,
Japan. In her childhood,she spent three years in Paris, France where she got
so many inspirations for whole of her life. After graduated from Keio University,
Tokyo in 1978, she worked for a broadcasting company, an urban planning office
and a publishing company where she acquired the art of planning/editing.
From 1989 to March 2015, she worked for a real estate related company,
where she devoted herself to several projects including promotions of urban
development or inauguration of new business for its affiliate companies.